Our unique ability to blend gaming, science, people and technology to create personalized experiences that are highly engaging and effective is what makes us stand apart.

Built for engagement

With typical initial activation rates of 20%-30% when clients use our best practices for communication and outreach and over 40% still active after 12 months, we understand how to attract, engage and retain employees.

Unlimited scalability

100% software-based solution allows for scalability, reach and cost effectiveness not achievable under models that depend on human intervention.

Globalized to be localized

While the adherence to the sciences remains intact, the Happify platform has been translated and culturally adapted to meet the needs of individuals in 8 different languages, providing a consistent, scalable and measurable solution while still allowing for local culture sensitivity. Currently, Happify has users in 178 countries around the globe.

Clinically validated

Everything we do is evidence-based and clinically validated. We based our platform on the sciences of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and other proven behavior change disciplines. We then validate its effectiveness through published peer reviewed research.

Effective across the mental health continuum

Mental health and well-being are dynamic. Our platform provides effective, relevant solutions across the broad continuum, meeting employees where they need it, from maintaining wellness and building resilience to early detection and support for diagnosable mental health conditions.

Flexible integration options

Our open API data model allows easy integration into an employer’s ecosystem. Can serve as a stand alone module or be fully integrated into an employer’s EAP, Health & Wellness or Behavioral Health resources to support and extend their capabilities.

Happify can have a positive impact on how employees develop the skills they need to thrive in the workplace. Hear a few of their stories.